DEVELOP FACILITY MANAGEMENT has specialized and provides a set of services, with respect to people and the environment, in an efficient and economical way. Our services concern the operation of a company, without being the main purpose of it. Our goal is to integrate our team into the customer’s area in a discreet way.

The services offered by DEVELOP FACILITY MANAGEMENT are as follows:

• Professional Cleaning Services.
• Health Care Services (Disinfection, Myctocene).
• Landscaping & Maintenance.
• Provision of staff
• Supply of provisions
• Provision of fire extinguishing equipment

Professional cleaning services

With years of experience, know-how, respect and responsibility, DEVELOP FACILITY MANAGEMENT is one of the top service providers.

Our priority, the needs of our customers and the immediate solution to the problems that may arise. We try to always provide quality but also economic services.

More specifically, our services are as follows:
• General cleaning
• Professional cleaning service
• Specialized cleaning of premises and buildings
• Periodic cleaning
• Window cleaning
• Cleaning and polishing of marble surfaces
• Cleaning of carpets and rugs
• Graffiti cleaning

Why do we stand out?

What distinguishes our professional cleaning from the general group that operates in the Greek market?

1. Correct evaluation of project and requirements
2. Reliable project costing
3. Experienced staff
4. Staff training before the start of each project to meet the requirements of the site
5. Suitable equipment
6. Know how to use the appropriate materials
7. Usage reporting
8. 24-hour support for full coverage of customer’s emergency needs

The above are the basic rules of a healthy co-operation with a view to a commonly accepted outcome.
A clean space is not only a healthy environment; it also creates the necessary conditions, a “warm” hospitality to the visitors, as well as an increase in the productivity of the employees in our business.
A clean environment organizes & freshens our minds.