At Develop, we face environmental issues with particular sensitivity. We consider it our duty to use only selected cleaning materials, non-toxic, which are supplied by remarkable companies in the area and are accompanied by all the certifications required by Greek and European legislation. Our goal is not to burden the customer’s work environment with harmful chemicals.

Indicatively, we are one of the pioneers in the Greek market that have used biodegradable waste bags, which means that they are degraded in landfill conditions at 20 ° C.

In recent years, there are also Greek companies that produce extremely high quality products (cleaning materials, stationery, bags, etc.). Wanting to support their efforts, we try to reduce the use of imported products and limit it to some highly specialized and irreplaceable ones.

We commit ourselves that in the case of assignment of cleanliness to our company, we will have the right materials in the necessary quantities to facilitate the work of our employees and to achieve the best possible result.